GTCCC 俱乐部际公开挑战赛 – 加华杰作会员专用交片系统

GTCCC 俱乐部际公开挑战赛交稿截止时间为2018年1月15日。请仔细阅读比赛规则,并按照要求标准提交照片,如有任何疑问,请在协会微信群中提出。

请移步去新的交片子的平台,用自已的邮箱注册,然后提交片子 http://www.photoplus.club




GTCCC 俱乐部际公开挑战赛



Competition Purpose (比赛目的)

The goal of this unique competition follows GTCCC’s mandate to promote the art of photography by encouraging clubs, and club members, to share and showcase their art among peers. Clubs, and their members, may be recognized through various individual and club awards.


Judging (裁判)

  • Images will be judged on overall impact, composition, technical excellence, originality and artistic merit.
  • Prints will be judged on overall impact, composition, technical excellence, originality, artistic merit and overall presentation, including mounting and matting.


  • GTCCC strives to achieve excellence in judging. All judges are qualified by GTCCC, CAPA or both.




  • 影像将根据其将根据视觉冲击力,构图,技术层面,原创性和艺术价值进行评判。
  • 印片将从总体视觉冲击力,构图,技术层面,原创性,艺术价值和整体展示(包括装裱)进行评判。
  • GTCCC努力做出最好的评判。 所有的评委均由具备GTCCC,CAPA或同时具备两种资格的评委担任




  • The most current version of this document shall be considered the Official Rules. None of the Rules & Guidelines from previous competitions carry over to this year’s competition. To ensure you always have the most current version, please reference www.GTCCC.ca.
  • All decisions of the GTCCC and its Judges are final.
  • Disqualified images will not receive a reimbursement of the entrance fee.
  • GTCCC will take all reasonable steps to protect the integrity of all entries; however, we cannot assume responsibility for damage to any entry, howsoever caused.
  • Any or all entries may be presented with or without entrant identification at the Awards Presentation. However, because of time and space constraints, the GTCCC reserves the right to not display or present all images.
  • By submitting an image to this Competition, the entrant warrants that he or she is the rightful owner and exclusive author of the image and grants the following non-exclusive rights and permissions to the GTCCC, specifically that:
    • The image may be displayed on any media for the purposes of competition judging and may be displayed without restriction in any subsequent presentations by the GTCCC.
    • The maker retains ownership of the image and all other rights to its subsequent use.


  • 本文件的最新版本应视为官方规则。以往的比赛规则和指导都没有延续到今年的比赛。为确保您始终拥有最新版本的规则,请参阅www.GTCCC.ca
  • GTCCC及其裁判拥有最终决定权。
  • 不合格的图像将不会退还报名费。
  • GTCCC将采取一切合理措施保护所有参赛作品的安全性; 但是,无论如何造成任何损失,我们不承担任何责任,
  • 在颁奖典礼上,可能展示带或不带作者标识任一或所有的参赛作品。但是,由于时间和地点的限制,GTCCC保留不展示所有影响的权利。
  • 参赛者在本次比赛中提交影像,保证其是该影像的唯一作者,并授予GTCCC以下权利,具体为:
    • 为了比赛评判的目的,影像可以显示在任何媒体上,并且可以在GTCCC随后的展示中不受限制地显示。
    • 作者保留影像的所有权以及其后续使用的所有其他权利。

Important Dates (重要日期)

October 1, 2017 GTCCC Interclub Open Challenge Competition begins.
February 1, 2018 All digital files are to be uploaded by Club Reps to GTCCC Dropbox account.

Physical Prints are to be delivered to GTCCC Council Meeting at the Toronto Camera Club.

All fees are due at the GTCCC Council Meeting together with two Printed copies of the Club’s completed Consolidated Entry Form, plus a separate printed list of all Print entries.

March 3, 2018 Judging Day. NOTE: judging is closed and not open to viewers.
April 21, 2018 Competition Awards Gala. Please see www.GTCCC.ca for full details.
April 28, 2018 Pickup of physical prints from Toronto Camera Club

For image accounting and physical security, under no circumstances will any images be returned to anyone immediately following the Awards Presentation.


2017101 GTCCC 俱乐部际公开挑战赛开始。
201821 所有的电子文件将由俱乐部代表上传到GTCCC Dropbox帐户。印片将交付给位于Toronto Camera ClubGTCCC委员会会议。GTCCC理事会会议将收取所有费用,以及两份完成的俱乐部报名表格,以及所有印片的单独列表。
201833 评审日。 注意:裁判是不公开的,不对观众开放。
2018421 颁奖晚会 详情请参阅www.GTCCC.ca
2018428 Toronto Camera Club拿到印片。为了确保图片安全,无论如何不会在颁奖结束时退还印片。



Entry Eligibility(参赛资格)

The GTCCC Interclub Open Challenge (hereafter referred to as “the Competition”) is open to members of GTCCC Member Clubs in good standing in accordance with the GTCCC By-laws.

GTCCC 俱乐部际公开挑战赛(此后将称为“影赛”)向遵守GTCCC章程的会员俱乐部开放。

Entry Fee(参赛费)

The entry fee for digital and print entries is $2 per image, to a maximum of $20 per entrant.


Number of Entries per Maker(每位作者参赛作品数)

The total number of allowable images for each entrant is limited to a maximum of twelve images constrained by:

  • A maximum of 12 entries can be submitted into any category.
  • No entrant shall submit more than 12 images regardless of the number of clubs to which the entrant belongs. If the maker exceeds these limits by submitting through more than one club the entrant will be disqualified from entering images for the current competition year.
  • The maker is not required to enter multiple categories unless they are competing for the Diversity Photographer of the Year Award.




Digital Manipulation (数码操控)

  • Some Competition categories allow Digital Manipulation and some do not. Full details regarding digital manipulation are found in the category descriptions. It is recommended that makers read the descriptions carefully to obtain a clear understanding of how much, if any, digital manipulation is allowed in each category. Full details and examples of acceptable allowances are noted in the category description.


  • 有些竞赛类别允许对图像修改,有些则不允许。有关图像修改的详细信息可以在类别描述中找到。建议作者仔细阅读说明书,以便清楚地了解每个类别中允许对图像进行修改的程度。在类别的描述中有全部的细节描述及修改度的范例


Image Qualification(影像质量)

  • Images submitted must not be the same as, or substantially similar to, another image submitted to a GTCCC competition in a current year or the previous year’s categories either as a digital image or a print.
  • Monochrome images are acceptable in all categories.


  • 提交的图像不得与当年或前一年的类别中提交给GTCCC竞赛的其他图像(数字图像或印刷品)相同或基本相似。
  • 单色图像在所有类别中均可接


Honour System (诚信体系)

  • For all entries, the original image and all image elements including digital manipulation and post processing must be the work of the entrant. Original images made in workshops without significant ownership and control of the entrant may be disqualified from the competition, e.g. the maker must have directed the model, the lighting, positioning and had full control over camera settings.
  • All winning and accepted entries may be reviewed to ascertain if an image is authentic to the maker or sourced from elsewhere, whether in whole or part. The GTCCC reserves the right to request a maker’s RAW, or other out of camera files, before awarding any prizes. If RAW files are not supplied in a timely manner, then the entry will be eliminated from the competition.
  • It is the maker’s responsibility to abide by the morals and principles of this competition.


  • 对于所有参赛作品,原始图像和所有图像元素(包括数字处理和后期处理)必须是参赛者本人的作品。参赛者如果在工作室中制作的对原始图像不拥有主要的所有权和控制权可能被取消比赛资格,例如,参赛者必须亲自指导模特、布灯、定位,并完全控制相机设置。


  • 所有获奖和入围的作品都可能被复查,以确定图像是作者本人的、而不是来自其他地方,无论是全部还是部分。在授予任何奖项之前,GTCCC有权要求参赛者的RAW或其他相机文件。如果RAW文件没有及时提供,那么参赛作品将被淘汰。
  • 遵守这个比赛的道德和原则是参赛者的责任


Hand of Man (人工物体)

  • The Hand of Man is described as human elements, or any element that could be man-made.
    • E.g.; fences, posts, roadways, walkways, concrete, buildings, man-made rocks, people, aviaries, zoos, man-made backgrounds, overhead wires, electrical towers, vases, cut grass, domesticated plants, etc.
  • Any form of manipulation, manual or digital, that alters the truth of the photographic statement.
  • The presence of scientific bands on wild animals is permitted and NOT considered the Hand of Man.
  • Some Competition categories allow Hand of Man and some do not. Full details regarding allowable amounts of Hand of Man are found in the category descriptions. It is recommended that makers read the descriptions carefully to obtain a clear understanding of how much, if any,Hand of Man is allowed in each category.


  • 人工物体,被描述为人为的元素,或任何可能是人造的元素。
  • 例如,围栏,电线杆,道路,人行道,混凝土,建筑物,人造石,人,鸟舍,动物园,人造背景,高压线,电塔,花瓶,草坪,驯化植物等。
  • 任何形式的修改,手动或数码,改变照片陈述的真相。
  • 野生动物身上的科研标记,不在人工元素之例。
  • 有些竞赛类别允许人工元素,有些则不允许。在参赛类别描述中可以找到对人工元素的允许程度的详细信息,建议参赛者仔细阅读参赛规则


Naming / Titling of Entries(作品命名):

  • Architecture, Pictorial, People, Creative Vision and Print Entries can be named as it suits the maker.
  • For Pure Nature Wildlife, Animals, Botany and Landscapes/Geology the titles should be the common or scientific name of the subject. However, descriptive names as it pertains to the subject are allowed. Refrain from giving pictorial like names to images in Nature categories.
    • Acceptable: “Northern Blue Jay” or “Cyanocitta Cristata”, or “Blue Jay Preening Chick”.
    • Not acceptable: “Blue & White Splendor”.
  • No image may display any titling or maker identification that could serve to identify the maker or club.


  • 建筑,艺术,人物,创意视觉和印片作品,由参赛者根据内容命名。
  • 纯自然野生动物,动物,植物,风光,地质类的作品的标题命名应该是用普通或科学名称,允许与主题相关的描述性名称。不要在“自然”类别中给图片命名艺术名称。
  • 可接受:“北方蓝雀”。
  • 不可接受:“蓝白相间”。
  • 任何作品名称不得含有作者或其俱乐部的信息


Image Identification (影像辨识标记)

  • Each digital file and print must meet the GTCCC Image Identification requirements and include your Club Code, Maker ID#, Category Code and Sequence Number. Category Codes can be found in the Category & Abbreviations section and Club Codes are on the last page of this document.
  • Your Club Representative is responsible for applying the identifier for each image entry, but may request entrants apply the identifier to the filename before submitting the file to the rep.
  • Image Identifier:
  • The image identifier consists of 9 upper case characters, for example, RH160DP01. The code structure consists of the following, sequentially:
  • Club Code: 2-alpha characters which identify your club [Reference: last page of this document],
  • Entrant Number:3-numeric characters which is your individual maker # which your club rep assigns, and includes leading 0’s as necessary,
  • Category Code: 2-alpha characters [Reference: Categories & Abbreviations section]
  • Sequence #: 2 numeric characters that identify your 1stto 12thimage, includes leading 0’s as necessary.



  • TP005PR02: Trillium PC, maker #005, Print, entry number 02,
  • CC028PR11: Chinese Canadian PS, maker #028, Print, entry number 11,
  • OC075NW04: Oshawa CC, maker #075, Pure Nature Wildlife, entry number 04,
  • ET121PT12: Etobicoke CC, maker #121, Pictorial, entry number 12,
  • RH130AR01: Richmond Hill, maker #130, Architecture, entry number 01.


  • 每个数码文件和打印片必须符合GTCCC图像命名要求。包括:俱乐部代码,参赛者ID#,类别代码和序列号。类别代码可以在类别和缩写部分、俱乐部代码在本文的最后一页找到。
  • 您的俱乐部负责申请代码,参赛者要在文件提交之前将命名好的作品交给俱乐部。
  • 作品标记:
    • 图像命名由9个大写字母组成,例如:RH160DP01。代码结构由以下几部分组成:


    • 俱乐部代码:2个字母,参考:本文档的最后一页]。
    • 参赛者号码:3位数字,必要时用0,
    • 类别代码:2字母,{参考:类别和缩写一节}
    • 序号#:2位数字,1—12,必要时前面加0。

      TP005PR02:Trillium PC-俱乐部代码,参赛者#005,PR-印片类,序号-02.

Image Sizing(影像尺寸)

  • Makers should be aware that images will be projected for judging at a resolution of 1920widex1080high and while virtually any image submitted to the competition can be presented in its original form, smaller images will occupy a smaller portion of the screen which may affect overall impact.
  • Recommended image size is: 1920 wide x1080 high. The horizontal width will be 1920 with the shorter height dimension falling proportionally to 1080 or less. The vertical height will be 1080 with the shorter width falling proportionally to 1080 or less.
    • Images may reasonably exceed, or be less than the above recommended dimensions, without concern. The objective is to maintain the highest image and presentation quality.
  • Square images MUST be 1080 wide x1080 high.
  • Image format: JPG, sRGB colour space.


  • 参赛者应该意识到,图像将以1920 * 1080的高分辨率进行投影,而提交给竞赛的任何图像都可以以原始形式呈现,而较小的图像将占据屏幕的较小部分,这可能影响整体效果。
  • 推荐的图像尺寸是:1920宽x1080高。水平宽度将为1920,高度尺寸较短的比例降至1080或更低。垂直高度为1080,较短宽度按比例降至1080或更低。
  • 作品可能合理地超过或小于上述建议尺寸,不用担心。目标是保持最高的图像和演示质量。
  • 方形图像必须是1080宽x1080高。
  • 图像格式:JPG,sRGB色彩空间


Digital Projection Standards(数码投影标准):

  • For judging, the computer/projector/screen combination will be calibrated in situ prior to the competition using a projector-capable colorimeter device. Digital images will be projected in the orientation they are submitted at a maximum resolution of 1920 wide x 1080 high.


  • 裁判之前,电脑/投影仪/屏幕组合将在竞赛之前使用具有投影仪能力的校色设备进行原位校准。数字图像将以1920 x 1080的最高分辨率以最高分辨率投影


Use of Image or Keyline Borders(边框或边界线)

Digital Entries(数码片)

  • Decorative borders such as digital picture frames are only allowed in the Pictorial category where a decorative border may be an intrinsic part of the image and it adds to the image story.
  • Artistic borders such as torn edges, antique edges, grunge borders, film edges, etc. are allowed in all categories except Nature categories (Pure Nature Wildlife, Birds, Animals and Botany and Landscape/Geology).
  • Keyline borders such as 1 or 2 pixel borders are allowed in any category. However, they are usually only needed for images with dark backgrounds where they can help the viewer see where the actual image frame is to judge composition. The Keyline would usually be a lighter or complimentary colour to the image.


  • 装饰边框(如数码相框)只允许在艺术类别中使用,装饰边框可能是图像的固有部分,并会增加图像故事性。
  • 除自然类别(纯自然野生动物,鸟类,动物和植物学以及风光、地貌)外,所有类别均允许使用艺术边框,如撕边,仿古边缘,垃圾边框,胶片边框等。
  • 任何类别都允许使用像素边界(如1或2个像素边框)。但是,通常只有黑色背景的图像需要这些图像,帮助观看者判断内容及构图。通常情况下,Keyline与图像的色彩互补、通常它会更亮或更加自然


Print Entries(印片)

  • Any type of image border is acceptable however, no actual framing is allowed. For further information reference: Mounting & Assembling of Prints


  • 任何类型的图像做边框是可以接受的,但是,不能装帧。欲了解更多信息,请参阅:打印安装和组装




  • The Open Challenge has a total of 12 (twelve) categories comprised of digital images and prints.
  • Any image that fails to meet the criteria of the category may be declared ineligible and could be disqualified from the competition.
  • Care should be taken to ensure the image is strong in the category to which it is entered. At the discretion of the vetting committee (at both the club and GTCCC levels), an image may be moved to a different category if the committee feels it appropriate to do so and it would be to the maker’s advantage.
  • The topic of the Theme Category will change each year and GTCCC invites all members to submit topic suggestions.


  • 公开赛一共分由数码影像和印片组成的十二个类别。
  • 任何影像如无法满足上述分类的基本条件的,将被宣布为不合格而失去参赛资格。
  • 应该小心的确定影像在要投交的分类中是否有竞争力。审查委员会(不论是俱乐部还是GTCCC层级)有权将某影像移至其他类别,如果委员会人为这样做是合适的并且对作者更为有利。
  • 年度主题类别的主题每年都变化。GTCCC诚邀各位成员提出新主题建议。

Categories & Abbreviations(分类 & 缩写)

Category Category Type Abbreviation Category Title
1. Digital NW Pure Nature Wildlife
2. BR Nature Birds
3. AN Nature Animals
4. BO Nature Botany
5. LG Nature Landscape / Geology
6. PE People
7. PA People in Action
8. AR Architecture
9. PT Pictorial
10. CV Creative Vision
11. Theme (Digital) TH Theme Topic – “Liquid”
12. Prints PR Prints


类别编号 种类 缩写 类别名称
1. 数码 NW 纯自然野生动物
2. BR 自然鸟类
3. AN 自然动物
4. BO 自然之物
5. LG 自然风光/地貌
6. PE 人物
7. PA 动作人物
8. AR 建筑
9. PT 艺术摄影
10. CV 创意视觉
11. 主题(数码) TH 主题摄影 – “液体”
12. 印片 PR 印片


Category Descriptions (分类描述)


  • Pure Nature Wildlife (纯自然野生动物)


  • This category is limited only to wildlife subjects photographed in their wild and natural environment,
    • E.g. birds, animals, fish, insects, etc.
  • Hand of Man (HOM) is NOT permissible in any form; animate or inanimate. For example, Pure Nature Wildlife images may not exhibit wildlife in a habitat comprising elements of the hand of man such as barn swallows in a barn, owls on fence posts, birds on a wire, etc. even though such an inclusion is minimal in the context of the image.
  • Scientific bands, scientific tags or radio collars on wild animals are permissible.
  • If HOM is evident, the image must be exhibited in other Nature categories.
  • No domesticated, trained, captive, zoo or conservatory subjects are admissible.
  • No cloning, repair or digital manipulation to add or remove elements is allowed. Image manipulation is limited to cropping, general or selective lightening or darkening, cloning of sensor/dust spots and restoration of original colour.
  • As part of the judging process, makers MAY be required to submit the original RAW file for review and adherence to the Image Manipulation requirements. When requested, failure to submit files will result in image disqualification.


  • 这个类别仅限于在野外和自然环境里拍摄的野生动物
  • 如鸟类,兽类,鱼类,昆虫等。
  • 不允许出现任何形式的人工物体,不论是有生命的还是无生命的。例如,纯野生动物影像中不能出现野生动物在由人工元素构成的栖息处这样的景象,诸如谷仓燕在粮仓中,猫头鹰站在围栏柱子上,鸟停在电线上,甚至虽然包含的人工物只在影像中占极小比例。
  • 野生动物身上科研用的系带,标签和无线电项圈是允许的。
  • 如果有人工物体出现,作品必须向其他自然类别投稿。
  • 家养的,驯化的,围养的,动物园中的,温室中的动物是不允许的。
  • 通过克隆,修复或数码操作的方式来增添或移除图像中的元素是不允许的。影像的更动仅限于裁剪,普通或选择性地减淡和加深,克隆移除污点以及还原原始色彩。
  • 作为裁判程序的一部分,作者可能被要求提交原始RAW格式文件,以审查忠实影像更动规则与否。没按要求提供源文件的,其作品将被取消参赛资格。



  • Nature Birds(自然鸟类)


  • This category is open to any type of bird, domesticated or wild.
    • E.g. ducks, geese, herons, raptors, song birds, sea and shore birds, etc.
  • Images may be shot in a studio, zoo setting or in the wild.
  • Artificial backgrounds ARE permitted either in studio or the wild.
  • Any form of image manipulation is allowed as long as the results look natural.
  • Hand of Man is limited to 15% of the total image area.
  • Large areas of black/solid/manipulated background are permissible; the 15% refers to artifacts in the image other than the principle subject such as might be found in a cage setting, etc.


  • 本类别对所有种类的鸟类开放,包括家养的和野生的。
  • 如,鸭,鹅,鹭,猛禽,鸣禽,海鸟等。
  • 影像可以是在摄影棚,动物园或野外拍摄的。
  • 无论是棚拍还是野外拍摄,人工背景都是允许的。
  • 只要其产生的结果看上去自然,任何形式的图像处理都是允许的。
  • 人工物体的占比限制在不超过影像整个面积的15% 。
  • 大面积的黑色/实色/改动过的背景是允许的;15%是指影像中的人工效果,作为被摄主体的诸如笼子是不计入在内的。



  • Nature Animals(自然动物)


    • This category is open to any type of animal; domesticated or wild.
      • E.g. mammals, amphibians, reptiles, invertebrates, crustaceans, fish, insects, family pets, etc.
    • Images may be shot in a studio, zoo setting or in the wild.
    • Artificial backgrounds ARE permitted either in studio or the wild.
    • Any form of image manipulation is allowed as long as the results look natural.
    • Hand of Man is limited to 15% of the total image area.


  • Large areas of black/solid/manipulated background are permissible; the 15% refers to artifacts in the image other than the principle subject such as might be found in an aquarium, cage setting, artificial rock, etc.



  • 本类别对所有种类的动物开放,包括家养的和野生的。
  • 如,哺乳动物,两栖动物,爬行动物,无脊椎动物,甲壳类动物,鱼类,昆虫,家庭宠物等。
  • 影像可以是在摄影棚,动物园或野外拍摄的。
  • 无论是棚拍还是野外拍摄,人工背景都是允许的。
  • 只要其产生的结果看上去自然,任何形式的图像处理都是允许的。
  • 人工物体的占比限制在不超过影像整个面积的15% 。
  • 大面积的黑色/实色/改动过的背景是允许的;15%是指影像中的人工效果,作为被摄主体的诸如鱼缸,笼子,人造岩石等不计入在内。



  • Nature Botany(自然植物)


  • This category is open to any type of botany subject whether wild or cultivated.
    • E.g. flowers of any type, mushrooms, trees, seed pods, etc.
  • Image may be shot in a studio or in the field.
  • Artificial backgrounds ARE permitted either in studio or the wild.
  • Any form of image manipulation is allowed as long as the results look natural.
  • Hand of Man is limited to 15% of the total image area.
  • Large areas of black/solid/manipulated background are permissible; the 15% refers to artifacts in the image other than the principle subject such as vases, flower pots, fences, etc.


  • 本类别对所有种类的植物开放,无论是野生的还是种植的。
  • 如,各种花卉,蘑菇,树木,种子荚等
  • 影像可以是在摄影棚或野外拍摄的。
  • 无论是棚拍还是野外拍摄,人工背景都是允许的。
  • 只要其产生的结果看上去自然,任何形式的图像处理都是允许的。
  • 人工物体的占比限制在不超过影像整个面积的15% 。
  • 大面积的黑色/实色/改动过的背景是允许的; 15%是指影像中的人工效果,作为被摄主体的诸如花瓶,花盆,篱笆等不计入在内。



  • Nature Landscapes & Geology(自然风光与地貌)


  • Landscapes, Seascapes, Skyscapes, Natural phenomena, Geology, Astronomy
    • Landscape is described as an expanse of scenery that can be seen in a single view.
    • Seascape is described as an expanse of water in which the water or waves predominate. Coastal features or the shoreline may be included.
    • The primary subject should be the scenery itself, although the image may include secondary elements such as buildings, structures, people, animals or any other object, as long as those secondary elements are not dominant.
    • Cityscapes by their very nature comprise the HOM, as primary subject matter, so they must be submitted in the Architecture category).
  • Natural Phenomena refers to an observable event which is not man-made
    • Examples include: sunrise, weather, tornadoes, biological processes, decomposition, germination, physical processes, frost, ice patterns, snowflakes, wave propagation, erosion, tidal flow and natural disasters such as electromagnetic pulses, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.
  • Any form of image manipulation is allowed as long as the results look natural.
  • Hand of Man is limited to 15% of the total image area.


  • 地景,海(湖,河)景,天景,自然现象,地质地貌,天文
  • 地景是指单一视野内的宽阔风景
  • 海(湖,河)景是指水和波浪占主导的宽阔水域景色。可以包括岸上景色或海(湖,河)岸线。
  • 影像的主体应该是风景本身,虽然影像中可以包括次要的元素,诸如楼房,建筑结构,人物,动物或其他物体,只要这些次要元素不占主导优势即可。
  • 城市凤景依其天然本质包含了作为主体的人造物体,因此必须提交至建筑类别。
  • 自然现象是指可观测到的非人造现象
  • 例子包括:日出,天气现象,龙卷风,生物过程,腐败,发芽,物理过程,结霜,冰晶,雪花,波浪运动,腐蚀,潮汐以及自然灾害,诸如电磁脉冲,火山喷发和地震。
  • 只要其产生的结果看上去自然,任何形式的图像处理都是允许的。
  • 人工物体的占比限制在不超过影像整个面积的15% 。



  • People(人物)


  • This category is limited to images of human subjects only as the primary subject
    • E.g. Portraits, Group Portraits, Environmental Portraits, Photo Journalism, Posed or Candid, etc.
  • Can be photographed in a studio setting or any other environment.
  • Any form of image manipulation is allowed as long as the results look natural. If the image is highly or creatively altered it may be more suitable in the Creative Vision category.


  • 本类别仅限于仅以人类题材为主题影像
  • 如肖像,集体肖像,环境肖像,新闻摄影,摆拍或抓拍等。
  • 影像可以是在摄影棚或其他环境拍摄的。
  • 只要其产生的结果看上去自然,任何形式的图像处理都是允许的。如果影像高度或创意性地被改变了,也许它更适合提交至创意视觉类别。



  • People in Action(动作人物)


  • This category must include a person, or a group of people, engaged in an activity depicting physical motion. This can be related to sports, hobbies or leisurely activities where the activity is represented as the principle subject.
    • E.g. running, canoeing, bicycle riding, car or boat racing, etc.,
    • The intent is to show a person in obvious motion or action, not merely engaged in an activity in which the motion is passive or slow. Such images should be submitted to the People Category
  • A physical person, or evidence of a person, must be present in the image.
    • It is not required that the person’s face be visible if it is clear that there is a person engaged in an activity in which there is obvious action taking place. E.g. a skier in full gear, race car driver with helmet visible through window, a racing vehicle (such as a car or boat) would be eligible as long as there is clear evidence of a person.
    • If a driver is not visible, the entry would be ineligible
  • Any form of image manipulation is allowed as long as the results look natural. If the image is highly or creatively altered it may be more suitable in the Creative Vision category.


  • 本类别必须包括一个人或一群人参与包含身体动作的活动。这可以与运动,爱好或休闲活动相关,在此这项活动被以主体呈现。
  • 例如跑步,划独木舟,骑自行车,赛车或赛船,等等,
  • 意图是为了展示一个人在明显地移动或动作,而不是在参与动作被动或缓慢的活动。影像展示被动或缓慢动作的应该提交至人物类别。
  • 一个实体的人或人的证据必须出现在印象中。
  • 如果很清楚一个人参与了一项具备明显动作的活动,这个人的脸部不一定要求可见。例如一个全身穿戴的滑雪者,可透过车窗看见带头盔的赛车司机,只要有人存在的清楚证据一辆赛车或一艘赛艇也是合格的。
  • 如果司机不可见,则是不合格的。



  • Architecture(建筑)


  • This category is limited to images of any architectural manmade structure.
  • The subject must be a significant aspect of a landscape or cityscape.
    • E.g. building exteriors/interiors, architectural details, bridges, piers, etc.
  • Any form of image manipulation is allowed although the intent is that images look natural. If the image is highly or creatively altered, including HDR images, it may be more suitable in the Creative Vision category.


  • 本类别仅限于任何人造建筑结构的影像。
  • 主体必须在风景或城市风景中占显著比例。
  • 如房屋外部/内部,建筑细节,桥梁,码头等。
  • 只要其产生的结果看上去自然,任何形式的图像处理都是允许的。如果影像高度或创意性地被改变了,包括HDR影像,也许它更适合提交至创意视觉类别。



  • Pictorial(艺术摄影)


  • This category comprises subject matter that does not fall into any other category.
    • E.g. Still life and tabletop photography, food, man-made objects, transportation, urban or rural life
  • Any form of image manipulation is allowed. If the image is highly or creatively altered it may be more suitable in the Creative Vision category.
  • Nature Like images are allowed if the Hand of Man occupies substantially more than 15% of the image area.
    • Note: images submitted to the Animals / Birds / Botany / Landscape-Geology categories that include substantially more than approximately 15% Hand of Man (including solid colour or highly manipulated or creative background effects) will be automatically moved to this Pictorial category during the preview and vetting process of the competition. While this will not result in disqualification of these images, makers should be aware that if they intend to qualify for the Diversity Photographer of the Year Award, this movement may inhibit eligibility for the award.


  • 本类别包含不适合任何其他类别的摄影题材。
  • 例如,静物和桌面摄影,食物,人造物件,交通,城市和乡村生活
  • 只要其产生的结果看上去自然,任何形式的图像处理都是允许的。如果影像高度或创意性地被改变了,也许它更适合提交至创意视觉类别。
  • 虽然人工物体比例超过图像面积的15%,貌似自然的影像是允许的。
  • 注:那些提交至动物/鸟类/植物/风光与地貌类别的影像,如果其中人工物(包括实色或高度处理的部分或创意性背景效果)比例超过15%,将在比赛初步审查与核准的过程中被自动移往艺术摄影类别。虽然这不会导致此影像失去参赛资格,应该指出,如果作者想竞争年度摄影师奖的话,这样的变更奖限缩得奖资格。



  • Creative Vision(创意视觉)


  • This category is limited to highly creative and artistic images.
    • E.g. altered reality, abstracts, graphical designs, conceptual art, composites, montages, etc.
  • Any form of image manipulation is allowed.
  • Use of artistic filters or processing is acceptable and is, of course, encouraged.


  • 本类别仅限于高度创意和艺术化的影像。
  • 例如,改变现实,抽象,图像设计,概念艺术,合成影像,集锦照相,等等
  • 任何形式的图像处理都是允许的。
  • 使用艺术滤镜或艺术化处理是被接受的,而且理所当然是被鼓励的。



  • Annual Theme –“Liquid”(年度主题   –“液体”)


  • The subject of the 2018 Annual Theme category is “Liquid”.
  • “Liquid” depicts images where the main subject matter is of an element in a liquid state or where the main interest is the result of the interaction of the liquid with another object or subject. It must be clearly evident that the main subject is the liquid in a fluid form.
  • Examples would be water; such as rivers, waterfalls, rain drops, waves, water drops, mercury, molten lava, paint, oil, splashes of any liquid, macros of dew drops, etc.
  • Examples of images that would not qualify: images where the main fluid element occupies less than 30% of the image, frozen water/ice, images where the liquid is not visible but still evident (e.g. water in a balloon, wine in a dark bottle).
  • 2018 年的年度主题是“液体”。
  • 刻画“液体”的影像以液体状态的元素作为拍摄主题,或者以液体与其他物体互动作为主要兴趣点。印象主体是流体状态的液体,这一点必须清楚明了。
  • 明显的例子就是水,诸如河流,瀑布,雨滴,波浪,水滴;其他例子还有诸如水银,熔岩,油漆,油,任何液体的飞溅,露珠的微距,等等。
  • 以下是不合要求的影像的例子:影响中液体元素所占比例小于30%,冻结的水/冰,影像中液体不可见但明显存在(如气球中的水,深色瓶中的酒)。



  • Prints (印片)



General Information (基本信息)

  • There is no limitation on subject matter.
    • Any form of image manipulation is allowed.
  • Use of artistic filters or processing is acceptable.
  • A digital file that is an accurate representation of the submitted print must be submitted with all print submissions. If the original media of the print was film, a scanned image of the print is acceptable. The tonality of the photographed/scanned digital image should accurately reflect the tonality of the submitted print. This is to facilitate our review process and for projection during the Awards Gala Presentation. Only the printed image will be used by the judges during the judging process.
  • Digital files of print images must conform to the same naming conventions as specified for digital projection images. [Reference: Image Identification Section]
  • An Arrow, showing which way is up must be included on the identification label. Use of the GTCCC label template is encouraged and will include this arrow.
  • Scoring will credit the inherent photographic qualities of the image together with its physical presentation.
  • Submitted prints must conform to the Category Submission Standards in relation to physical sizing, mounting, etc. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.


  • 对题材没有限制。
  • 任何形式的图像处理都是允许的。
  • 使用艺术滤镜或艺术化处理是被接受的。
  • 与印片提交的同时,能精确代表所提交的印片的数码文件也必须提交。如果印片的原始介质是胶片,印片的扫描图像是被接受的。通过翻拍/扫描得到的影像的影调应该准确的反映所递交得印片的影调。这样能够方便预审过程,也为了在颁奖典礼上能进行投影。在裁判过程中,只有影印的影像才用于裁判。
  • 影印影像(印片)的数码文件必须符合为数码投影影像规定的同一命名规则。[参见影像辨识标记一节]
  • 标明向上的箭头标记必须包含在名字标签中。鼓励使用GTCCC的标签模板,其中就包含这个箭头。
  • 评分基于摄影本身的质量,同时也基于印片实体呈现的质量。
  • 印片的提交必须符合类别提交标准中相应的实体尺寸,安装等方面的规定。没有做到这些将会导致作品被取消参赛资格。


Number of Print Entries(印片提交数目)

  • Up to 12 prints may be submitted.


  • 最多可提交12张印片。

Physical Print Sizing(印片实体尺寸)

  • Maximum image size is 20 x 20 inches
  • Minimum image size is 11 x 11 inches
  • Maximum image size, with matting is 20 x 20 inches
  • Minimum image size, with matting is 11 x 11 inches
  • The finished thickness of the print, together with its backing board and matting, must not exceed 1 cm or 3/8”.
  • 最大图像尺寸是 20×20 吋
  • 最小图像尺寸是 11×11 吋
  • 最大带边框的图像尺寸是 20×20 吋
  • 最小带边框的图像尺寸是 11×11 吋
  • 制成的印片厚度,包括背板和边框,必须不超过1厘米或3/8吋。

Mounting& Assembling of Prints(印片的安装与组装)

  • All prints MUST be permanently mounted on a firm backing board of either matt-board or foam core ONLY. Prints mounted on other materials such as metal, Masonite, wood, corrugated cardboard, etc. will be disqualified.
  • All prints must have a full contiguous backing board. Entries submitted with only a front matt and a paper print are not acceptable.
  • Prints may be matted but the physical size of the matt board must be exactly the same as the backing board.
  • Prints separating from their matting or backing board will be disqualified.
  • Prints with frames, glass, hooks, Velcro, other hanging devices or sticky substances of any kind, may damage other prints and will be disqualified.
  • Prints which include titles, names or any other type of identifying markings on the front of the print or matt will be disqualified.
  • The maker is encouraged is consider the overall finished thickness of the print when selecting materials to ensure compliance with the physical sizing requirements. Prints which are too thick will be disqualified.
  • The maker is encouraged to use their best efforts to prepare the print with a pleasing physical presentation by trimming and mounting carefully. A component of the judges score will be based on the quality of the print’s overall finished presentation.


  • 所有印片必须永久性的固定在牢固的背板上;背板可以是有边框的或仅仅是泡沫板核心。印片安装在其他材料上的,诸如金属,纤维板,木板,瓦楞纸板等,将被取消参赛资格。
  • 所有印片必须具有完整的背板。只带前边框或只是打印在纸上的作品是不能接受的。
  • 印片可以加上边框,但边框的实体尺寸必须和背板的尺寸完全相同。
  • 印片与其边框或背板分离的兼备取消参赛资格。
  • 相框,玻璃,挂钩,尼龙搭扣以及其他任何种类的悬挂机构或粘性物质会损坏其他印片,带有这些物件的印片将被取消参赛资格。
  • 在片子正面或边框上带有标题,姓名或其他任何辨识标记的印片将被取消参赛资格。
  • 作者在选择适合印片实际尺寸的裱装材料时,应考虑最终制成的总后度。过厚的印片将被取消参赛资格。
  • 作者应尽最大努力,通过仔细切割和安装,使印片具有感观良好的外观呈现。裁判打分的依据之一是印片的总体制成质量。

Physical Print Labels(印片实体标签)

  • Print entries are to be labeled on the back with the Maker, Title, Full Club Name, Image ID (the filename) and match the corresponding reference file. For this purpose, the GTCCC Data Manager has created an Avery Label #5164 template. The template will be supplied in the competition package from the Data Manager. Alternatively, any self-adhering label is suitable as long as it contains all of the necessary information.
  • Labels should be placed in the uppermost left position with the arrow pointing to the top of the print.
  • Print labels cannot be taped in place. Any prints with taped labels may be disqualified.
  • Prints with old, outdated or confusing labels may be disqualified. (It can be confusing trying to identify the current label on prints with many old labels. It’s best to cross out any old labels )


  • 参赛的印片需要在背面贴含有作者名,作品题目,俱乐部全名以及影像编号(文件名)等信息的标签,这些信息与相应的参考文件向吻合。GTCCC的数据管理员创建了背胶标签#5164模板。模板随数据管理员的赛事信息包一并提供。另外,只要标签上具备必要的信息,其他任何自贴标签都是适合的。
  • 标签应贴在左上角,且让箭头指向印片的上端。
  • 贴有陈旧,过期或含糊不清的标签的印片可能会被取消参赛资格。(在识别贴有旧标签的印片上的现有标签是会很迷惑。最好将旧标签划叉。)



All images are eligible for individual awards by category. Additionally, individual image scores are used to determine club awards, the Freedman Trophy for the top scoring club,the Diversity Photographer of the Year and Specialist Photographer of the Year winners.


Accepted Entries(入围作品)

  • Accepted entries represent approximately the top scoring 30% of the entries in each category.
  • Accepted entries will be included in the Awards Night video.


  • 每个类别的入围作品按最高得分的大约30%计取。
  • 入围作品将录入颁奖夜的视频。

Honourable Mentions(荣誉奖)

  • Honourable Mentions comprise approximately 10-15% of the accepted entries.


  • 荣誉奖按入围作品的10-15%计取

Individual Category Awards(单项奖)

In each of the 12 categories there will be a maximum of three top awards and a quantity of Honourable Mentions. A maker can only be awarded one top award per category. In the event of a tie, the judges will identify the winner. However, a maker will retain all points on images if a subsequent award has to be given to the next entrant with the next highest scoring entry.

  • The three top awards in each category will be:
    • one first-place
    • one second-place
    • one third-place
    • plus, Honourable Mentions
  • First, Second and Third place award winners will receive a Certificate and a Medal
  • Honourable Mention award winners will receive a Certificate.



  • 每个类别的三个最高奖分别是
  • 一个一等奖
  • 一个二等奖
  • 一个三等奖
  • 若干优秀奖。
  • 一,二,三等奖的获奖者将获得证书和奖牌。
  • 优秀奖获奖者将获得证书。

Club Category Awards (单项俱乐部奖)

  • Awarded to the top scoring club in each of the 12 categories. Top scoring clubs are determined by summing the highest score, of 6 different makers in each club, for each category. If there is a tie, then the highest score by 7 different makers determines the winning club, etc., until a clear winner is determined.
  • Club category Awards winners will receive a plaque.


  • 奖给12个类别中每个类别得分最高的俱乐部。最高分由每个俱乐部中六个不同作者的最高分总和计取如果有等分出现,则计七名不同作者的最高分总和,以此类推,直至分出优胜者。
  • 俱乐部单项奖获奖者将获得奖牌。

The Freedman Trophy(弗里德曼 奖杯)

  • The FREEDMAN TROPHY is awarded to the top scoring club overall in the competition. The summation of the highest score by 12 different makers in each club, regardless of category, determines the Freedman Trophy winning club. If there is a tie, then the highest score by 13 different makers determines the winning club, etc., until a clear winner is determined.
  • Freedman Trophy winning club receives a plaque.


  • 弗里德曼奖杯奖给总分最高的俱乐部。总分由俱乐部中12名不同成员的最高分(不分类别)的总和计取。若出现等分,则总分由俱乐部中13名不同成员的最高分(不分类别)的总和计取。以此类推,直到决出优胜者。
  • 弗里德曼奖杯获奖俱乐部将获得一块奖牌


Photographer(s) of the Year(年度摄影师)

One maker cannot win both Diversity POTY and Specialist POTY awards. If this happens, they will be awarded the Diversity POTY award and the Specialist Award would be presented to the next eligible maker.


  • Diversity Photographer of the Year(年度摄影师)
    • There are 10 digital categories, plus an Annual Theme Category and a Print category for a total of 12 categories. To be eligible for the Diversity Award as Photographer of the Year, the entrant must submit at least one print, one image in the themed category and at least 1 image in each of 8 of the other 10 digital categories. The winner is the entrant scoring the highest total point count for their top scoring 10 submissions. If the entrant submits a total of 12 images, only the top scoring 10 images (including the Theme and Print entry) will be considered.
    • Diversity Photographer of the Year winner will receive a plaque.


    • 本赛中,10个数码类,加上一个年度命题类和一个印片类,共有12个类别。杰出年度摄影师入选者必须投至少一张印片,一个年度命题作品,以及在其它10个类别中的8类中,每类至少交一张。积分最高者获奖,积分按得分最高的10幅作品的总分计取。若投满12幅,也仅计10幅最高分的总和。(包括印片计命题类)
    • 年度杰出摄影师将获得一块奖牌
  • Specialist Photographers(年度特殊摄影师)


    • Recognizing that there are many outstanding photographers whose excellence lies in a limited sphere of categories, this award recognizes the photographers with the highest total score based on their top 10 scoring images within a category.
    • Each of the 12 categories in the Open Challenge can have a Specialist for a total of 12 Specialists
    • Each Specialist Photographer winner will receive a Medal
    • There will only be one award per category.


    • 注意到许多优秀的摄影师在一些有限的类别中非常突出,本奖奖给在一个类别中10幅作品总分最高的作者。
    • 每个类别都有以为年度特殊摄影师
    • 每个年度特殊摄影师将获得一枚奖牌。
    • 每个类别只有一位获奖者。



Note: The following table is for quick reference and represents all GTCCC member clubs at time of publication. New clubs should use their approved code in submissions.
Current Clubs Club Code:
Ajax Photography Club AJ
Barrie Photo Club BA
Beach Photo Club BE
Brampton Photo Group BP
Chinese Canadian Photographic Society of Toronto CC
Photo Arts Club of Newmarket PA
Don Mills Camera Club DM
Etobicoke Camera Club ET
Georgian Bay Photography Club GB
Guelph Photographer’s Guild GG
Haliburton Highlands Camera Club HA
Halton Hills Camera Club HH
Jiahua Elite Photography Association JE
Latow Photographers Guild LP
Mississauga Camera Club MI
Northumberland Photography Club NP
Oakville Camera Club OA
Oshawa Camera Club OC
Photographic Historical Society of Canada PH
Richmond Hill Camera Club RH
Scarborough Camera Club SC
Toronto Camera Club TC
Toronto Digital Photography Club TD
Trillium Photographic Club TP



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